Consulting and RPO

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Does your company struggle in identifying the top talent to help your company grow?

We use the proven method of TopGrading to help identify rainmakers. TopGrading assesses a candidate based on what they have accomplished and identifies patterns in performance.  We equip you with the resources and the know-how to establish your own streamlined recruiting process. We will train your staff and provide you with concise information and interviewing templates. This is an extremely cost effective, common-sense approach and provides guaranteed proven results when followed.


Talent Acquisition RPO Services

Often you do not need a full time recruiter. A a more cost effective solution is to outsource your recruiting in a RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) agreement. We will assign you a remote recruiter, or place a recruiter from our team to work onsite and fill your recruiting pipeline with candidates and help manage the interview process. The client has the option to first interview with the recruiter prior to making a decision. You have the flexibility to choose the optimal number of hours you need for your business and all resumes and materials are considered your company’s intellectual property.

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